About Crosscheck

The aim of Crosscheck is to make full traceability possible in the palm oil industry. The rapid rate of deforestation is an urgent challenge for the world that demands a meaningful response. And people are concerned that palm oil production is a contributor to deforestation. As the leading producer of sustainable palm oil, we share their concern and are working towards No-Deforestation for our industry. Sime Darby Plantation has a long track record of responsible palm oil production and now Sime Darby Oils is also driving change through the supply chain. We believe that traceability is the frontier in halting deforestation: tracking supply back to its source will make it possible to identify where problems exist – and to take action. We set out on this journey fully aware that this is a complex challenge involving a large number of players, with a network of refineries sourcing from hundreds of mills, supplied from thousands of plantations and hundreds of thousands of smallholders. We also recognise that we don’t have all the answers but we’re determined to work with others to create a deforestation-free supply chain and raise the bar for the industry. Using Crosscheck allows you to view all the mills that supply our refineries. You can see:

  • Who owns each mill and the group company relationships throughout our supply chain.
  • The risks in the landscape, including proximity to forest, peat land and large animal ranges for the 50 kilometre radius around each mill and for the region as a whole.
  • Satellite data which shows whether there is evidence of recent clearance or deforestation on the ground.

Crosscheck is designed to incorporate more information and new data over time. We are working closely with NGOs and other stakeholders to determine how to make the tool more useful. We invite anyone using Crosscheck to alert us to any issues in our supply chain or incidents on the ground. Our hope is that working together we can transform the palm oil industry and achieve our ambition to draw the line on deforestation.